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  • This man motorist is a rude, scary driver. The 1st incident occurred when I was at a stop sign at SE 32nd & Johnson Creek/Tacoma. It JUST became my shift to go & small impolite boy honks his horn - we're speaking I'd had just a split 2nd to go - what kind of hurry is this dumbass in? He proceeds to tailgate me all the way to my exit off of Tacoma toward McLoughlin Blvd (99E) & then as well exits as well - oh great! After we two have successfully merged toward McLoughlin (quite a trial at times at twenty til 7:00am), he proceeds to weave all the way up McLoughlin zipping in & out of lanes with not really enough room. He zipped in front of me twice, the 2nd time with literally no room & I had to crash on my brakes to retain from smashing him. I beeped & he waved - he was being a total jerk & knew he was en voyage erratically. The 1 kind thing I can tell in regards this dumbass is that he did use his signals...the 1 'signal' this SOB deserves is a 'finger' & a big ticket. Get punks enjoy this butt off the road!!!!!!

    • Car Details: RED NISSAN VERSA
    • Last Seen Location: milwaukie/portland, Oregon, US
    Anonymous April 07, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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