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  • We was on 600 n east bound on 09/29/09 @0956 pm,when motorist of this auto started to swerve into my truck,from his lane(south lane)soon as green light started.I m a motorist & my wife was on pass seat next to me,when she screamed,to me,watch out on this toyota.I think that was a guy en voyage right into my,so I had to run,almost into median,then I smash a horn on him.Police must glance out & people,to report all more of idiotic en voyage of that individual.Person was not on mobile telephone either texting at all.Just his way of driving.Scared to heck of us.That all on crossing above 600 N & I-15 bridge.Both going east bound towards 400 W.

    • Car Details: silver TOYOTA camry 2000
    • Last Seen Location: SLC, Utah, US
    Anonymous October 27, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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