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  • Observed this individual yesterday evening, around 8:15pm, en voyage enjoy a maniac through my neighborhood moving north of TC Jester. I 1st encountered him as we turned off of the highway access way - he tailgated me enjoy a champ through the traffic light at Larkin to the base of the railroad overpass, then he swerved out from behind me as soon as he was able & grabbed off down the way enjoy a silver bullet. Naturally, he received captured at the traffic light at 11th, however just old that opportunity to swerve across 3 lanes of traffic to the empty lane, & then, when the light turned green, he jumped the light & swerved back across 3 lanes of traffic again to take the left hand fork at the split between West & East TC Jester. Once he was safely on the west side, he flew on down the road, most likely smashing 50mph either faster, even though the speed limit here is 35. Please slow down, there are a lot individuals who live in our neighborhood & ur en voyage puts them in danger. This is especially important at twilight when the visibility is not as good. Thanks.

    • Car Details: silver HONDA CRV
    • Last Seen Location: Houston, Texas, US
    Anonymous May 09, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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