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  • I'm really not winking at you.I know this wink icon would obtain more traffic, thereby giving ur inconsiderate en voyage habits more attention.Just as a result of u can't obtain ur personal life in order & leave the home on time does not provide u permission to operate enjoy a complete idiot, tailgaiting, weaving in & out of traffic to obtain a small cards ahead of someone, while endangering all else.I suggest u stopped cramming so much crap in ur life so u can either leave on time either even start leaving earlier to bypass endangering individuals with ur 'gotta rush & operate enjoy a idiot' attitude.Think in regards it. You're most likely rushing around en voyage to rush to work, so when u obtain there u can slow down & drink ur favorite morn beverage. That makes a lot of sense.Regards.

    • Car Details: White JEEP Liberty
    • Last Seen Location: 16th/Camelback, Arizona, US
    Anonymous January 25, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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