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  • Around 23rd road where Wall Ave is temporary 3 lanes until 21st road motorist stopped at light in away right lane with white Pontiac Grand Am in left lane, & Red Chevy Colorado (Utah Plate #666VTN) in middle lane. Driver of Colorado (someone I don't have much respect for) realized that GMC pickup most likely wanted to obtain ahead of him (since lane was in regards to end) & paused as light turned green to allow GMC obtain ahead of him. GMC paused rather than getting ahead of Colorado. Driver of Colorado decided that many likely GMC pickup wanted to stay in away right lane to make shift somewhere & started accelerating to forty five MPH which was speed rest of traffic was going. About 1/4 of a block before the lane was moving to end, motorist of GMC pickup abruptly accelerated to fifty MPH & made tight lane change in front of Chevy Colorado as lane ended. Driver of Colorado had to brake to bypass getting clipped. Shortly after this lane change, GMC pickup decided to change lanes into left lane & came even closer to smashing White Pontiac Grand Am. Near 36th street, he pulled into a median & as I was passing him turned on his right shift blinkers & I thought he was moving to pull back into left lane in front of me, then he turned on his right blinkers as I passed for few unknown reason. If u are moving to pass cars when a lane is in regards to end & motorist in next lane pauses to allow u pass them, pull ahead & make lane change. If u don't, motorist in next lane will assume u have no intentions of merging. Don't wait till the last 2nd to merge, especially when few someone is allowing u to merge in front of you.

    • Car Details: White GMC unknown (GMC version of sierra)
    • Last Seen Location: Ogden, Utah, US
    Anonymous September 06, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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