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  • Hey Fuq Nut, if I pull into a more than valid hole in traffic, it is YOUR FUCKING FAULT if u are moving 50+ MPH in a thirty five zone, in heavy traffic, & decide to fill the hole I take without a fucking blinker. The Colorado State Patrol has been phoned as a result of no matter how a lot times I flip u the bird, u are NOT allowed to crash on the brakes. If u are in such a big fucking rush then u must fucking go there & not create more of a way hazard than u already are. Simply be glad I have still not found a supplier of rocket launchers to save society the 'pleasure' of interacting with u in traffic.

    • Car Details: puke MERCURY some kind of van thing
    • Last Seen Location: Brooomfield, Colorado, US
    Anonymous December 30, 2011
    Flagged As: Information

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