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  • This frkn idiot was all above the way this morning. it was bumper to bumper traffic on buffalo at washington & this mother frkr DA was weavin in & out of traffic. he cut this 1 individual off next to me, missing him by 1 foot, & using no blinker. then he immediately cut back behind me & was riding my ass. i shouldve brake checked him & he wouldve eaten my hitch. i would've kicked his butt then. then i change lanes to shift left & he almost takes out my bumper & side of the car. he raced up to the auto in front of me & almost smash him. traffic wasnt moving more then in regards five mph. hi tatoo'd dickhead, i think u have as well much ink in ur system & its affecting ur cognitive abilities. GET OFF THE FRKN ROAD DICKHEAD!!!

    • Car Details: white CHEVROLET Van
    • Last Seen Location: las vegas, Nevada, US
    Anonymous March 19, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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