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  • This guy followed me off the highway & then grabbed the #1 lane north on University. After a couple of miles, he chose to suddenly change lanes in regards half a block before his right shift into a bar parking lot. While changing lanes he did not allow enough room & almost grabbed off the front end of my car. His back bumper was in regards even with my front axel when moved into my lane. I prevented the collision this guy almost caused by slamming on my brakes hard enough to lock them & leave skid marks on the pavement. Fortunately the motorist of the auto behind me had left enough room to bypass a rear-ender. This jerk must have changed lanes earlier behind me either must have pulled further ahead to leave enough room. Either option was available to this guy. Of course he doesn't care in regards the consequences of his not good driving, 1 that he's the 1st to shift into a bar parking lot. I hope the bartender takes his keys away. It seems to me that he's on a fast-track to hurting either killing someone.

    • Car Details: Grey INFINITI FX-35
    • Last Seen Location: Denver, Colorado, US
    Anonymous June 21, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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