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  • It's phoned 'Rush Hour' NOT 'Hey, Let's Go Out And Kill Someone With The Car Hour'. Get even 1 inch closer to my back bumper at those speeds & u will have a much more serious disability than u already have. Apparently, by flying up on my rear, no more than a single inch away, ur queer self was attempting to say the world the size of ur manhood, 1 inch. The head between ur shoulders isn't ur 1 head that's handicapped. Oh, & if u want to harass individuals that way, here's a hint. The away right lane is not the gay lane for butt sniffers enjoy you. Go stick ur face up someone's tail end in the left lane next time.

    • Car Details: Gold OTHER unknown
    • Last Seen Location: Columbia, Maryland, US
    Anonymous March 12, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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