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  • This moronic dkhead was en voyage in the carpool lane at ninety five east at the rainbow curve. it was backed up with regular traffic & there was police pulling azzholes above for doing just this thing. he darted into regular traffic & then went previous the police & pulled back into the auto pool lane. in regards 2 miles later, dkhead did it again. there was a cop at the decatur exit & he pulled back into regular traffic & then went by the cop & then pulled back into the auto pool lane. if i hadnt had my wife in the car, i would slammed on my brakes in front of him, causing him to back end me, then i would sue the shit out of him for stupidity. not to meantion, the whole time he was on a telephone & couldnt read the auto pool lane signs obviously. PAY ATTENTION DICKHEAD AND DRIVE WITH THE REGULAR TRAFFIC, BUT THEN AGAIN YOU'RE NOT REGULAR OR YOU WOULD BE OVER THERE!!!!ps...his white four door chevy truck had yellow flames with a bit of orange, all down the front sides & the hood of the truck. hopefully the police will catch him next time. AZZHOLE!!!!

    • Car Details: white w/ flames CHEVROLET 4 door truck
    • Last Seen Location: las vegas, Nevada, US
    Anonymous August 22, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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