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  • I was moving down Holland way & traffic was kind of moving slow. So individuals was bunched up & pursuing each other closely. I was attempting to retain a safe distance between me, & the car ahead of me. The car in front of me turned on their right shift signal to merge into a right shift 1 lane approaching up. As this car left my lane I started to gradually speed up to obtain back up to the speed limit. At the corner of my eye, I see this f*cker in a G35 with this right shift signal on. He hadn't even cleared my auto yet, the front left bumper of my auto was in line with the middle of his right door when he started to move into my lane! It was apparent he was attempting to take advantage of the open way in front of me (there was no vehicles in front of the auto that was originally in front of me). I laid on my horn & he kept approaching over! This jerk had no care to the world, it was to the point where he was absolutely moving to smash me! By the grace of God he missed my auto by inches, if not that. I flashed my brights & continued to lay on the horn, however of course that did nothing. He happened to be moving the same way I was going, & I finished up pursuing this doofus all the way to Norfolk (the funny thing is, after he violently cut me off, he didn't even speed off, he just sat there moseying along!). It looks enjoy he was smashing Granby Street nightclubs. And when he comes out of the club, he's most likely a DUI standing by to happen. If this is how individuals operate in Texas, I certain as h*ll don't want to live there. He's giving his house state a not good name (if that really is his house state)! Please bypass this maniac at all cost. Even with his pretty small car, he has no care of other operators on the road.

    • Car Details: Silver INFINITI G35 Coupe
    • Last Seen Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia, US
    Anonymous May 17, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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