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  • So this disabled guy in his nice Lexus SUV thinks that his disabled sticker along with his Semper Fi sticker means he can 1. Ride ur ass. 2. Speed up to 60mph on the road next to Riverbend hospital & 3. Try to cut individuals off. This guy did just that yet failed miserably.. 3 TIMES! He came up behind me near the roundabout & attempted speeding up to 60mph & then realized 'Oh wait... I guess I demand to be in her lane to go to Hayden bridge road' Then, u know how the way splits into two lanes for the 1st part of the street? He tries passing me there as well, then sees that his lane is ending practically right as he received into it.. Dumbass. So after this, he operates kind of weird. Whenever we stop at a light he is stopped a couple of auto lengths away from me, yet when we start moving he is riding my ass. So we shift toward 16th towards Marcola road.. This moron gets in the left hand lane to shift into Albertson's & proceeds to operate through the parking lot to obtain to 1 of the exits toward Marcola Road, as if attempting to beat the light & me. Since he went through just in regards all speed bump in the parking lot, by the time my light twists green for me & he gets to where he wants to go, I am passing him AGAIN. Haha! That made my day. If u are a retired Marine, which I'm guessing u are, it doesn't mean u own the way buddy. =/ You've cut me off before a couple of weeks ago & now u received ur payback threefold & I didn't have to do a damn thing.

    • Car Details: Tan LEXUS LX
    • Last Seen Location: Springfield, Oregon, US
    Anonymous May 04, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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