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  • 1200 East block of Murray-Holladay road, in front of the LDS church...The east lane splits into two lanes, & operators have two options. They can 1.) merge into the right lane when it begins either 2.) change lanes pursuing the standard, polite procedure that involves BOTH a blinker signal & sufficient distance between vehicles that is confirmed by a blind-spot check. I merged into the right lane when it began, however the guy in front of me neither old his blinker nor allowed adequate distance between us. Because this was the 2nd time in the half-hour that this had happened to me, I didn't bother honking, although I most likely must have.

    • Car Details: Silver MITSUBISHI Mirage
    • Last Seen Location: Holladay, Utah, US
    Anonymous December 29, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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