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  • This bonehead (hispanic male, late 20s early 30s) imagines few offense I have done (looking at a pedestrian? Driving as well slowly -- well, putting safe distance between me & the auto in front of me?) decides he'll operate up along side me glance above at me in a (hehe) MENACING way, then pull aggressively in front of me, then slow down. I noticed tough guy then made a right shift from the left lane at the green light ahead to attempt to 'shake' me, although I was turning left anyway. Real chicken poo, bozo. Were u attempting to impress ur girlfriend who was beside you? If THAT is what u have to resort to, u really demand to upgrade ur character. Perhaps she likes the 'jerk' kind of guy, however perhaps u can show her a fellow with a bit more class, patience, & perhaps even forgiveness (for what, I'll not ever know).

    • Car Details: Red CHEVROLET Cavalier
    • Last Seen Location: Kingman, Arizona, US
    Anonymous March 22, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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