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  • This guy was 1 of the many brazen bozos I've seen in a while. He was racing down I-75 toward I-94 exits with alternative car bearing similar either same num on Transporter plate, a Black Jeep Patriot. The guy in the Crossfire, who was all above the place, received into the far-right lane, & decided he required to switch lanes. He decided to stick the nose in my lane & received all agitated as a result of I stood my ground. Why? Because there wasn't enough room for him to squeeze in, & he could've just slowed up & gone around. Anyway, this genius slammed on the brakes in right lane, then zipped above 3 lanes to follow the Patriot. The plate, which I gave to cops, might've been 001-T957. Disappeared from sight quickly, however wouldn't be surprised if he wrecked the auto shortly thereafter.

    • Car Details: red CHRYSLER Crossfire
    • Last Seen Location: Detroit, Michigan, US
    Anonymous November 26, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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