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  • This young guy was slouched above on his mobile phone, changing lanes on Ann Arbor Road & hopping toward the NB275 ramp with no signal. I beeped horn at him two times, & this slacker slammed on the brakes to attempt to cause a wreck. In a auto with repossession plates, no less. I passed the nitwit & while he was as well close to my auto on 275, he leaned above to glance for something & I thought he was in regards to rear-end me. He received toward EB-96 & blew previous me, doing at least eighty in the left lane. He continues en voyage enjoy that, he won't have a work for long. either his health.

    • Car Details: green LINCOLN sedan, possibly MKZ
    • Last Seen Location: Plymouth, Michigan, US
    Anonymous May 01, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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