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  • ok...this guy takes the cake. he has received to be the stupidist individual i have ever seen on the road. i wish u wouldve pulled out just a bit further cause i was gonna smash ur dumbshit ass. here is the lowdown of what this dumbshit did....he was on the offramp from ninety five westbound, turning right toward lv blvd. he was in regards four vehicles back & had a red light. the vehicles going north on lv boulevard had the green light. i was in regards the 5th auto back, going north, & all those idiot vehicles getting off the highway thought they had the right of way & this dickhead was just pulling out there & not stopping for anyone. he almost received smash by 3 other vehicles who was polite enough to go around ur dumbshit fkn ass!! if it seriously wasnt for my wife being in the car, i wouldve smash u on purpose. i followed him & found out he works in the state of nv building accross the road from cashman field. so watch out for this dumber then dumbshits idiot.

    • Car Details: green SATURN vue
    • Last Seen Location: las Vegas, Nevada, US
    Anonymous February 01, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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