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Sunnyvale, CA
City and State:Sunnyvale, CA
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Area Code:408
Zip Code:94089
Total housing units:53,753
Land Area in sqm:21.94
Water area in sqm:0.69

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  • Denise On March 20, 2013 This man is a scum. He got me on match.com. Don't fall for his shit. He went by the name James Marshall. He claimed he was leaving for Indonesia on a business trip. I found his scam out before he tried to hit me up for money and I called him on it. He got really pissed and told me not to bother him anymore. He is full of lies and will you what ever he thinks will make like him. He was phishing for my information, but I was smart enough not to give him any. He even gave me a phone number of 540 254 0294 which was registered to someone by the name of Arletta Gehrke. When you call the number no one answers, but he will call you back within minutes. BEWARE!!
  • Not for Me On February 22, 2013 kumboobles@yahoo.com is the email address for this IP address. I guess it fits if he is Steven Adriano. He comes boob less. What a scammer.
  • salucard rethguad On November 13, 2012 to me he went by the name Steven Adriano. He has another Ip the email i knew him under was stevenadriano584@yahoo.com the cell numbers i talked to him on were 918-236-1396 and 405-588-4134 boy he is good at what he does. he tells u very quickly that he loves you. and the first time i yahoo messenger him he dropped all his clothes to show me he is sporting a massively huge cock. He claimed he was on business in bangkok thailand and had his hotel room broken into. he said his passport, walet etc was stolen and tried to hit me up for 1500.00 I phoned the US embassy there to learn there is not Steven Adriano listed etc. the list of my discoveries to who he really is as a character is endless. We met on a dating site called match.com and he got my account info and changed it to his advantage. he's very handsome, has an italian accent. i have pictures. but he LIES about every thing so i believe nothing. The oklahoma police are on the case, after i made a complaint of ID fraud, and steven hung up on the police when they were phoning him. oklahoma because this is where he claims to be. but he is routing and roaming from chicago, and sunnyvale california.