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Redmond, WA
City and State:Redmond, WA
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Area Code:425
Zip Code:98052
Total housing units:20,248
Land Area in sqm:15.89
Water area in sqm:0.67

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  • Tracey On October 09, 2014 The owner of the email address scammed our business using fraudulent credit cards please if anyone has any information on him please email me. He went by the name of Johnson Gardner said he worked for Glossy Business Solution or Direct Network Solutions. He is using magice jack VOIP phone. John Martin from these phone numbers 704-243-5149 847-901-7117 855-512-5133 855-512-8133 877-222-5221 and many more numbers and fake business websites they are using. They have done this to other people.
  • MR A On May 09, 2014 kennethalfred64@hotmail.com African currently scamming across the dating sites.
  • Tracey On April 01, 2014 A man that goes by the name of Johnson Gardner using email address johnsongardner1960@live.com which has is associated with this IP address. He is a scammer. He used stolen credit cards to buy electronics from my company. Please if you have any information please let me know. Any new info will help. Thank You