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  • Dawn On December 12, 2019 Loetitia I think it is a romance scam and I got scammed too. For a lot of money. Any info anyone has would be very helpful.
  • Loetitia Obach On December 06, 2019 Hi Sherrie I just read on your comment EX Can you tell me more cause l think lm victime of scam romance but lm not sure. This will be very helpful. Loetitia
  • Erika Kane On November 04, 2019 I found this up address linked to an email in my saved passwords on my Google account.
  • Sherrie On October 31, 2019 Ex
  • Karen Higgins On October 29, 2019 I bought something from them then they disappeared. I want my money back!
  • Josh Whitten On October 10, 2019 Just wanted to know if this person is real
  • pks On June 19, 2019 Would like to know the location and sender of this IP address