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  • jeffrey-reimer-dpt-assaulted On March 22, 2020 Jeffrey Reimer paid sex contact victim settlement. Jeff S. Reimer Wheat Ridge, Co. Chester Springs, PA, Wayne, PA, graduate of PennState (not surprisingly) Graduate of Arcadia ‘physical therapist’ harassed, injured female patient while forcing full body sexual contact. Protected by: Concentra Bryan Counts Kathryn Bird Therahand violated females HIPPA rights. Conjured false witnesses and patient has never been to Therahand. Right Wallis? Erik Knight a hacker in Phoenix, Arizona. Settlement in July. Hall Render M. Brian Sabey who’s wife Dia Darcy Sabey claims to be a psychotherapist 😜 Brian Sabey claims entire family was monitoring the victim and her daughter daily? That’s stalking. This is reporting. The police. Jeff is a no questions asked pale white man. The victim is not. The moral of this story is ‘Waste No Paste’ Just to avoid a lawsuit for irreversible injuries a baseless, malicious attack originated shortly after Jeffrey Reimer was reported and a Concentra MD vowed Reimer would be protected and victim attacked. Virus filled web content about victim. Since then, victim has been blacklisted and the doctors she sees have no idea they too are under intensive, investigation. Oh the the things they say. Refusals to treat mount. Lies mount. Protections continue. https://videolal.co/videos/jeffrey-reimer-dpt-assaulted-tsara-brashears-pretty-little-thing.html