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  • mr_elvis On December 03, 2018 I was approached by her on sexencounters, she intimates that she is both local and would like to date.. Having been burn in the past I just wished to know her real location.. NJ? North Dakota? so far I've learned that she or he seem to be crooks.. so I won't respond to her come-on email.. and am thinking of reporting her.. to sexencounters. I didn't decide to pay for a full report.. so.. I have no 'Proof' just.. a lot of circumstantial evidence.
  • Kricko On July 28, 2018 Hej kricko här ja eller Kristian är mitt namn
  • Danny On July 10, 2018 Fun loving person who is hard working looking for someone to take a moment to talk. Or maybe more..
  • John On June 16, 2018 White female
  • Richard Belsha On April 07, 2018 don't know anything about her just that she/he is full of BS.
  • Mfay On March 04, 2018 Don't know much about this but need to know where this address is from as havebeeninvited to email girl at this address ,but yourwebmail.org. seems to be used quite a lot by scammers.
  • jeff neumann On January 31, 2018 Hi
  • Per Mork On January 13, 2018 She is on ( sexencounters.com ) and she is staying at Chrischurch New Zealand? Why are you asking about her for??? I would like to know what's going on?
  • Nikolai On December 30, 2017 Women 25a.
  • Profile Image Pat Sugars On December 19, 2017 Avege
  • Jorge Venegas On November 06, 2017 Hola, Dazzlin, puedes responder a este email para intentar conocernos..?? Jorge
  • Leonard Harding On October 27, 2017 I just wanted to get a hold of that person
  • Profile Image Rex Voorhees On March 10, 2017 I am trying to contact the person that uses this e-mail. I have been completely unable to do so. Please help. Thank-you