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Name Steve Stertz
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Message Hey, Hit me back with a pic of your entire body...Cloth or no cloth I don't care...........steve.stertz444@gmail.com
Created Time 2015-11-11T01:42:41+0000
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CountryName:United States
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  • monty ahlmann-ohlsen On May 22, 2020 want to write with you
  • Ntokozo On August 29, 2019 She'good since I knew her
  • norman On December 13, 2017 Hey are you for real if so send me pictures and text me at 630-991-3350
  • Brian Lahey On May 28, 2017 Hey sweetheart you ask me to tect you from the site you seen a pick of my cock
  • clydeclark On May 17, 2017 Hi Amber999 look me up and we can ..something good could come out of it....me to you
  • Richard Lombard On May 07, 2017 Like to get to know Amber 999
  • tony On October 25, 2016 hey girl,,tony from encounters.. you hit me up yesterday,, whats up?
  • Cody klarsen On April 07, 2016 Hi get back to me bout the parole baby
  • Profile Image Salim S On September 19, 2015 hii hw ar u amber....give me ur fcb and num phone to contacte u
  • salim On September 19, 2015 heloo....im salim frm tunisia....u send msg in x pickup and u give me ur amail...think u...i ask u if u live in tunis u can give me ur num phone and ur fcb to contact u.....
  • Profile Image tommy On August 31, 2015 top of the world drum and bass dj
  • Gene On May 20, 2015 5'11' HAIR silver grey, college prof, traveler, writer, golfer, swimmer, originally Californian. Augusta now. No pic cause students on line all the time. Used so many aliases I've forgotten which is Cheaters. Well adjusted, non-smoker, have 2 Malteese-Chiuauas, enjoy music, some TV out doors, why don't we meet: coffee, brunch, lunch, dinner your choice can call/text 706-267-5666. GENE
  • Profile Image William Csuka On May 12, 2015 Hi there Amber its Will from that dating site. You wanted me to email you in response to your response to me. Get back to me at my email at williamcsuka97@gmail.com and we can have some fun ok. Then if I send you a pic of me you'll remember who I am. Talk back at you soon I hope.
  • BAD On April 15, 2015 Are they really
  • carl woods On February 06, 2015 Tall long legs user name on cheaters is woozy123 40 years old. Hendersonville