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  • Dimitri On May 26, 2019 Friends,are you very much interested in hacking.Exactly 4yr ago i was writing online exam in my college.I do not know anything about that exam.A small doubt came to me that is How to hack lan? so that i can hack online questions.While thinking a cute idea strikes me at that time.But i can't succeed with that idea..But i can hack other computer which are connected to mainframe(LAN).Well I thought it was an easy tirck to hack system but it wasn't . So I contacted ecyberhacks@protonmail.com and got the right tool's and a few steps to hack LAN. 1)Click on Start. 2)Go to all programs>accessories. 3)Right click on command promt and then click proporties. 4)Click on Find target. 5)Now you entered in system 32. 6)Now search this file 'ddeshare' without quotes. 7)Double click on Ddeshare. 8)Now go to shares and then click 'trusted shares'. 9)You will be seeing many terminals (computers)connected to lan. 10)Just double click on any of the system you want to hack. With this is, you can hack others system which is connected to lan.. I dont know whether this tricks works in your college or not.Why because few colleges will be using high security alerts. Well i can successfully hack others system. But it was a bit complicated. Hopefully i found few information about hacking lan.First of all we have to hack system administration password.This can be done only by braking (PDC)Primary domain controller.You can get Hacking Tools from ecyberhacks@protonmail.com to hack lan. After getting this tools, you can be able to hack administration password.PDC can be brake only when we are able to hack First system. And then take sam db to break administration password.Better to use tool from your system that enables you to use IPC connections to send executable files. Here i am giving you trick I learnt from my encounter with ecyberhacks@protonmail.com to hack admin password: first of all you have to scan the range for open 139, 445,3389,6129.. 139,145 -->ipc hacking... 3389 --->remote desktop connetion(Best way for hacking :) ) 6129 ----->It means that there is ranning dameware server....... This trick is good enough for cracking administration password...