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  • xingyon@telkomsa.net On January 27, 2017 unilimited
  • Samantha Hopper On January 06, 2016 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN BAD SERVICE AT TELKOM My issues began with Telkom on the 11th of December when I reported that my home landline was down. I tested the line with different instruments and different line connections but it was all dead. I contacted Telkom and logged the call the same day. The reference number is 716CRK111215. After a week I had heard nothing from Telkom so I used my cell phone which is on pre-paid airtime to contact TELKOM. I waited on the line for 10-15 minutes before a customer care person answered. I told them of my issue and they said that it had been referred to a technician but that my situation would be escalated. The reference number given then was 797281. I contacted TELKOM couple of days later to ask what the progress was again using my pre-paid phone. I was told that a Telkom technician would contact me. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put through to a man named Siya who escalated my situation and gave me a reference number 47680666. I followed up a week later which was on the 17th of December 2015. I again used my pre-paid cell phone. I was informed that it had been assigned to a technician. I then exploded as I had been told this several times and nothing happens. I contacted Telkom on my pre-paid phone and spoke to a lady called Precious. Precious was most helpful as she spoke to a lady called Beline Vorster who was apparently handling my case. Beline asked Precious to inform me that there were many faults reported for Birch Acres in Kempton park and I must wait my turn. However, Precious said that they should be at the property on the 23rd of December at 12pm. I arranged my day so that I would be at home then. By 2pm when I contacted TELKOM yet again on my pre-paid phone I was told that I had misunderstood and that it could be anytime up until midnight. Needless to say nothing was done and I could not Skype, e-mail or phone my Mom and Dad overseas in the UK. They are elderly and their cell phone is not the latest that can Skype etc. So I had a miserable Christmas thanks to this. I phoned again on the 28th of December 2015 and was told then that a technical had not been assigned and that it was still at the testing station. the call was escalated again and I was promised that a supervisor would call me. The supervisor never did. I contacted them again on the 29th of December and was told that due to the holidays they were operating on skeleton staff and that I would be attended to “sometime next year”. I then called on the 31st of December and was told that this had been passed on to 3 technicians none of whom did the job or even contacted me and I was told that if the one technician gets the job and does not manage to do the job then it gets passed to another technician and so on. This means that I never reach the top on anyone’s list. I was also informed that it takes 3 weeks before the technicians come out. THIS IS HIGHLY UNACCEPTABLE. I then called TELKOM using my prepaid cell phone 2ND of January 2016 and had the call escalated and was again promised that a supervisor would call me but no one has. Surprise surprise. I called again yesterday on the 5th of January 2016 at 11:57 am and was informed again that the call would be escalated and that the guy had sent an e-mail to his supervisor. IN DESPAIR I PAID A VISIT TO A TELKOM SHOP AND THEY LET ME USE THEIR PHONE TO CONTAT YOUR CUSTOMER DON’T CARE LINE AND STILL NO JOY. Nobody has fixed my phone, you guys do not have a customer care service that works effectively and in general your attitude towards your customers is “pay even though you have had no use of the line”. Your turnaround time of 3 weeks is not acceptable and the skeleton staff issue is not my problem. I would like to know when my phone will be fixed so that I can contact my family and I am trying to start a small business too. Regards, Samantha Hopper 0849626211