Political Deviation Noted Among Presidential Polls of Cell Phone vs. Landline Users

According to The Ticket, recent political polls conducted by NBC News/Marist Polls have shown examples of how the presidential support of sole cell phone users may differ from those of landline customers.

In Florida, landline users seemed to prefer Romney in a 48 to 45 percent lead, while those who only responded via cell phones preferred Obama by 57 versus 34 percent.

Virginia poll results were similar in that Romney led by one point in landline polls and Obama exhibited a lead among cell phone users of 54 versus 36 percent.

However, Ohio pollsters report a lead for Obama among both classes: 44 versus 41 percent among landline users and a lead of 10 points among cell phone respondents.

When compared to all poll respondents, cell phone users comprised a total of 28 percent in both Ohio and Florida, with a similar 27 percent in Virginia, says The Ticket.