ReverseGenie Announces New Free App for Android, a website that features downloads and information regarding reverse phone look-ups, has announced the arrival of its new app for Android operating systems. Not only is the APP useful for people who want to know who’s called them from an unfamiliar number, but it also boasts several other features that other reverse phone number applications don’t have.

Users can enjoy instant look-ups along with free caller ID capabilities, which is a paid additional service with many other apps. In addition, ReverseGenie provides unlimited searches, all with no charge whatsoever. Although the new program is new, it has already witnessed hundreds of downloads and is consistently achieving rave reviews from happy users. Users claim that ReverseGenie is much more user-friendly than other programs; for example, they are able to browse through their recent call list easily and select a number to search instead of manually typing in a ten digit number from memory.

One of the most popular stand-out features of the ReverseGenie app for Android is that it grants people the ability to search for Facebook photos, profile links and email addresses instantly, which other applications for the Android operating systems lack. After users have conducted their initial search with the ReverseGenie app, they can also visit to conduct other searches and do more research about the person they are looking up.

With so many new and useful features available with this program, it is difficult for some users to believe that it’s free. A spokesperson for the company reveals that the amount of information users can obtain from using the Android app often has people amazed. Some of the additional activities available with the app include the reverse phone number search, reverse email address search, and a Facebook email search feature. In addition, users are able to browse all of their recent calls, they can click on an address to access Google Maps for the results they get, and they can take advantage of real-time updating for their records.

Users of the newly released ReverseGenie Android app will also be able to enjoy support for three different input methods for phone numbers as they access additional information about the owner of a phone number or email address they are researching. This additional information includes the real names of phone number owners, IP addresses for email searches, the person’s gender, physical addresses, provider type and carrier information, and the relevant time zone for phone number searches.

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